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A fun and captivating way for your child to learn Mandarin – online!

Are your kids bored at home? Further their education through our fun and engaging Mandarin Chinese lessons, accessible from your home laptop or device! Book a FREE trial class now! Prices for ongoing classes start at $25 per class.

Your child can now learn a “must-have” language from the comfort of their own home. Mandarin Stars Online offers live and interactive immersion-based Mandarin Chinese classes for kids aged 1 to 12 years old. Classes are taught by Australian-based Mandarin teachers who are located across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our interactive and encouraging teaching methods inspire a lifelong love of the Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese culture.

6 ways your child benefits from Mandarin Stars


1. Learning a “must-have” language will help them in their future career

China is Australia’s largest trade partner, and is a rising economic superpower. Children who are able to speak Mandarin as a second language will have an advantage in an increasingly competitive job market.

2. Learning about another culture through fun activities is the best way for kids to learn

Our programs are child-centric, with activities that are designed to grow the child’s vocabulary and conversational skills in Mandarin in a fun and interactive environment. Children love our programs, but they are also designed to deliver proven results!

3. Improving their overall cognitive ability

Research shows that learning a second language improves a child’s overall cognitive ability, creativity and literacy ability even in their first language.

4. Learning a second language is easier for their brain to absorb at a younger age

Research shows that younger children are best able to learn a second language. It is also easier to learn the correct “accent” of the language. The old saying is true – “a child’s brain is like a sponge”!

5. Deepening their connections with Chinese friends and relatives

Your child will develop the confidence to have conversations with Mandarin-speaking friends and relatives, deepening their bonds and connections. Being able to read the menu in a Chinese restaurant is exciting too!

6. Maintain your child’s learning whilst they are at home

Although the coronavirus outbreak has meant children are spending most of their time at home, this doesn’t mean their education should suffer.  Our program offers ongoing access to our highly trained Mandarin teachers to keep your child’s brain active and maintain their learning.

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Vicki (Mum to Zoe)

“I love to see how Zoe is singing, understanding and speaking in Mandarin. What makes me smile is when Zoe refers to things outside class in Mandarin… it is beautiful to hear.”

Min (Mum to George and Luci)

“So delighted with Lao Shi and her commitment, encouragement, enthusiasm and belief in my children. So grateful for the way she builds them up and motivated them to want to learn. Seeing incredible progress and confidence in my children, in their speaking, reading and writing of Mandarin.”